Sunday, June 28, 2009


Who can think of solutions for the alley way? Should we have more artists in it, abolish it and make our number smaller?

Suggestions welcome.


  1. i think that we all agree that we could use the extra space...but who then gets put in the alley. new people? people who only do a couple markets a summer? perhaps those spaces cost a little less? what about the idea of day vendors???

    can we fit more artists in without using the alley?? what about the space between dug and kimiko?? we could definitely fit someone in there... and the space in the center could be used more efficiently...

  2. I also agree. The center space can be used much more efficiently as there have been some days that the alley was used and there were gaps that were aesthetically displeasing in the center. In the event that the alley must be utilized then care should be taken to avoid putting a small display in the alleyway. If at all possible vendors should be given prior notice (even if on Friday) in regards to where their spot will be. That way they can plan ahead and know what to expect. For example, if a person with a small display is assigned to the alley way they would have time to brainstorm a way to make their display more noticeable + enticing (e.g., big sign, backdrop, more color, etc.).
    We should also establish a basis regarding how spaces are assigned (e.g., Market spaces are assigned based upon a variety of factors including how many Saturdays a vendor signs up for, seniority, and visual aesthetics and fit within a given spot.)